Filter Bag


Bunkar Makina is a company that has been operating in the field of filter bag for a long time. During the work carried out in industrial areas, harmful substances such as dust particles, smoke, gas, which adversely affect both human health and the environment, occur. Such harmful factors should be prevented in order for the employees to work in a healthier area. The working environment should always be clean.

Therefore, filtration systems should be used and the right bag should be selected for these systems. Filter bags are used to remove harmful wastes from the air during production. Dust in the air adheres to these bags and protects the environment from all kinds of pollution. Today, the use of filter bag is quite common. In addition to the production of filter bags, we produce many other filtering systems.


One of the indispensable building blocks of dust collection systems is filter bags. It is not possible for the system to function properly without these bags. As Bunkar Makina, these systems are designed by our expert engineers. It is important to eliminate harmful substances such as gas, dust and smoke that seriously threaten environmental pollution and human health. Dust collecting machines are used for this. In addition, the right bag selection must be made in these machines. When the wrong choice is made, the expected yield is never obtained.


The way filter bags work may differ from business to business or from industry to industry. But the way it works is the same in most industries. Generally, bags of suitable size are placed inside the filter systems. The critical point here is the right bag selection. As a company, we offer you the best filter bag systems. These bags are designed to remove smoke, gas and bad odor from the air.

It is necessary to use such air cleaner systems in order to clean the smoke or gas emitted from the air. These systems cannot be used alone. Correctly selected filtration system is required. Bunkar Makina offers you the best product. Because it is important for the filter systems to work correctly and to get the expected efficiency. These bags are mostly cylindrical in shape. The importance of these bags in the filtration process is very great. The shape of these bags is generally cylindrical.

However, when placed inside the filtration system, they hang vertically. There are different types of bags available. It is important to determine which bag is suitable. These systems must function correctly. If it works correctly, the dust emitted into the air is collected and sticks to the outside of the bag. Then fresh air passes through the bag and harmful substances emitted into the environment disappear. Today, filter bag is used in many fields. These areas are mainly as follows:

  • Factories
  • Industries
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Aquarium infrastructure systems
  • Machine cooling systems
  • Factories producing rubber and plastic
  • Cement industry
  • Ceramic manufacturing lies
  • Mining and raw material sector
  • Wood production places
  • Places where carving is produced
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Lead or lime producing places
  • Aluminum sector
  • Sandblasting industry
  • Foundry industry
  • Agriculture sector
  • Coal and quarry power plants
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Flue gases


Dust collection filters must be chosen correctly. In case of a wrong selection, the system may not work correctly. Therefore, it is important to choose the filter bag correctly. Dust, gas or smoke emitted to the environment in workplaces such as industry and factories seriously threaten the environment, especially affecting human health. In order not to stop the production and not to interrupt the work, filtration systems for industrial processes are used in such areas. There are different types of filtering bags on the market today.

Filtering systems used in the industrial field provide easy collection of airborne dust. In this way, both the health of the working people are protected and the problem of environmental pollution is prevented. The dust collected by the machines is then destroyed very quickly. The filter bag must be changed at regular intervals. It is of great importance to use the appropriate bag for whichever system is used. The types of bags that are frequently used today and among the services we offer to you are as follows:

  • Polyester filter bag
  • Meta aramid nomex filter bag
  • Antistatic filter bag
  • Teflon filter bag
  • PP polypropylene filter bag
  • Acrylic hemopoly filter bag
  • Ceiling filter
  • Polyester PTFE filter bag
  • Polyimide p84 filter bag
  • Glass fiber filter bag
  • Air duct tape cloth
  • Monifilamer liquid filter bag

Apart from the bags listed above, Bunkar Makina has many types of bags with different purposes of use. One of the most important criteria in the selection of these bags is temperature. The temperature level of the sector used or to be used is important for the durability of these bags. In addition, the filter cage selection should be made correctly together with the bags. Not every bag can withstand all temperature levels.


A large number of high quality dust collection systems are manufactured by Bunkar Makina. All the filter systems we manufacture are used in many areas. These systems are preferred more frequently in sectors where dust, gas or smoke is intense. For these systems to work properly, their use must be done correctly. Filtering systems are very simple to use. A lot of smoke is mixed into the air during production. This smoke causes serious injury to workers. Therefore, dust collector systems must be used. The health of people working in jobs that generate heavy smoke comes first. If these dust particles in the air are not cleaned, more serious problems may arise.

The selection of the filter bag to be used in the filtration systems should not be made incorrectly. These bags generally have the following features:

  • It cleans the air. It improves the quality of clean air.
  • It collects harmful substances such as dust and smoke spreading into the air.
  • Collects pollutants in the air or liquid stream.
  • Protects human health.
  • It prevents environmental pollution.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Easy to change without the need for tools. The filter bag is one of the most important parts of filtration systems and includes many features.