Filter Cage


Bunkar Makina is a quality company that produces filter cage systems. While manufacturing in the industrial sector, a large amount of smoke, gas and dust is mixed into the air. Filtering systems are needed to destroy these harmful substances. In order to get the desired performance from the system, the right products must be used. Our company produces different filtering machines.

It is extremely important that these systems are produced correctly. It is necessary to use products that fully fit the system used. If the right choice is not made in the products, it may affect the expected performance. The filter cage should be manufactured in accordance with the filter bags. Mismatched parts can cause the system to malfunction and not work. Our company designs the right products for the needs of our valued customers.


The materials preferred during the manufacture of filtration systems must be of high quality. As Bunkar Makina, we use the highest quality materials. Harmful substances such as dust, gas or smoke are released in production areas such as industry and factories, which adversely affect human and environmental health. This situation not only harms the environment but also puts human health at risk. With these systems, it is ensured that these gases, smoke or dust particles released into the air are filtered in the best way.


The use of systems such as filter bag is very common in sectors such as cement, chemistry, casting, sandblasting, especially in factories and industries. It is of great importance to use such environmental cleaning products in works where smoke or gas is intensely released and mixed with air. Since the usage area of ​​such systems is very wide, they are preferred in almost every area exposed to intense smoke and gas.

In such systems, it is important to choose the right filter cage as well as the bags. When all products work in harmony with each other, the expected efficiency is obtained at a high level. These cages are used in many different sectors and fields today. It is important to produce quality work in the manufacture of cages and dust collection products. Iron rods in the form of rolls are used in the manufacture of cages.

These bars are brought into a flat shape by means of machines. Rolled iron bars, which take a flat shape, are then cut to the desired length. In order to give the shape of a cage to the bars cut in the desired sizes, some operations are performed. Automatic punching machines are used to shape the filter cage product into a cage shape. Iron bars are put into the machine with some space between them. Then the welding process is started.


There are many different products in dust collector systems. The manufacture of these products must be done properly and accurately. It is also important that the cages and bags used in these systems are of appropriate size. Whatever size cage or bag is needed in the sector to be used, our company produces the products in that way. In this context, there are many options such as vertical, horizontal, oval. Especially jet pulse filter systems are widely preferred in many areas.

Cages and bags, which are one of the equipment of air cleaner systems, are produced by our company according to the dimensions and diameters deemed appropriate. The fact that the filter cages and filter bags are the same size and diameter plays a big role in the correct operation of the system. That’s why filter cage selection is important. In addition, venturi production, which allows the compressed air blown into the bags to pass quickly to all filtering systems, is also made by our company.

As Bunkar Makina, we produce the best and highest quality products in cage, bag and ball collection products.. Although we are present at every moment of the production stages, we make all our observations and offer you the highest quality filtration systems. A fully managed manufacturing process needs to be created. It is important to have full control within the company and that the products are of relatively high quality during the manufacturing stages.

Attention must be paid to every stage of production. Filtering systems are very easy to use. Otherwise, we always support you. The use of such products in industrial areas is very effective in protecting health. The products are selected completely according to the business to be used. There are many different filter cage systems available today. It is possible to list the prominent ones among these systems as follows:

  • One-piece bag holder filter cages
  • Two-piece bag holder filter cages
  • Flat bag holder filter cage
  • Oval bag holder filter cage
  • Flat bag holder filter cage
  • Star ring bag holder filter cage


Wrong product selection reduces the expected performance from the system. Therefore, care must be taken in the selection. The fabric should be chosen correctly for the bags to be preferred as much as the filter cage. There are different types of bags in the market. It is important to choose the most suitable one. Some points need to be paid attention to both in cages and bags. Factors such as the strength of the products, their durability, the way they collect dust, and the temperature are of great importance.

Bunkar Makina manufactures products that can be used easily in any environment that creates dust and smoke. During production in industries such as industry, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemicals or cement, excessive smoke or dust is emitted into the air. It is essential to use these products to prevent these harmful substances from being released into the air. In general, the main characteristics of filter cage products are:

  • Types: Flat, flat, oval, star ring or special
  • Tel number: 8-10-12-16-20-24 vertical box office
  • Ring area: Hakla spacing – 15.24 cm or 20.32 cm
  • Cage diameter: 100 mm to 200 mm
  • Wire thickness: 2 mm to 6 mm or special (can be made in desired thickness.)
  • Materials used: stainless steel, carbon or galvanized steel
  • Packing: open case loading or profile case

The use of such systems in industrial enterprises is a very essential issue. Bunkar Makina produces these systems and products according to the demands of you, our valued customers.